Consultancy services

NousFiber Consulting offers services on development projects of biopolymers, polymers and chemical technology for manufacturing processes, properties and applications of various fibers, especially made from cellulose. The services are based on long-term R&D and industrial experience on chemical, fiber and textile technology for manufacturing products on clothing, interior and technical applications.

The knowledge for consultation is based on experince of applying and participating as the main promotor of fiber, textile and chemistry projects in 1995-2015 valued totally by higher than  10 mill.€. There has been various national, and EU-project evaluation tasks of industry-involved S&T projects, and many activities for investigating patent disputes, as well.

Project planning and R&D applications preparing (Industrial/EU/National/)

  • Biopolymer technology (chitin, cellulose, lignin)
  • Special fiber and textile technology
  • Investigation of various patent disputes

Direct consultancy on fiber and textile technology

  • Sustainable processing and recycling technologies
  • Cellulose-, polypropylene- and polylactide fibers
  • Functional fibers

Direct consultancy on technical and medical textiles

  • Nonwovens for hygiene and medical applications (diapers, incontinence, wiping/cleaning)
  • Liquid and gas filtration

Consultant Pertti Nousiainen

Pertti Nousiainen has more than 10 years of experience in chemical industries an innovations of new products for start-up companies.  His knowledge is also based on internationally recognized 20 years experience in academic teaching, writing, and research on the chemistry, chemical processes and uses of industrial polymers. He has conducted research and consulted in the area of bio-based solutions of cellulose for regenerated products.

Nousiainen is an expert in structure-function relationships of cellulose, chitosan and synthetic polymer applications. He has extensive knowledge of various chemical, enzymatic, and plasma modification methods used for fiber application in air and water filtration and in medical applications.

Nousiainen has extensive experience with the development of tissue engineering scaffolds made from biodegradable, biocompatible polymer fibers and nanofibers (PLA, PLGA and silica).

Nousiainen an expert in textile fiber structure and chemical modification. He has extensive experience as a researcher, reference book editor, consultant, and teacher of textile fiber structure and chemical modification. He is familiar with fiber and textile chemical and physical structure, behavior, properties, modification, and applications in a broad range of products (technical textiles, nonwovens, medical textiles) and processes. In particular, he has provided advice on cellulose and chitosan processing.

Cellulose polymer and fiber structure and chemistry is his primary area of research. To the expert, the term biopolymer means polysaccharides, especially the cellulose, hemicellulose, chitin and chitosan used industrially. His primarily focuses on modification of various degrees of pulp starch in his research.

Current main research activities

  • Cellulose fibers
  • Specialty polypropylene and polylactide fibers
  • Medical textile applications
  •  Fibrous tissue engineering structures 
  • Cellulose derivatives
  • Silica fibers
  • Conductive fibers
  • Textile and surface chemistry
  • Bioprocessing fibers and textiles

PLA fiber sample