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Enzyme technologies for reducing plastic waste

Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 9.1.2022

Amazingly, plastic pollution in the sea and the rest of nature seems to be activating microbial evolution. Preliminary studies In the EU Crowth program in 2001, we found environmentally friendly enzyme methods to improve the dyeability and properties of synthetic textiles.  Trametes hirsuta laccase and laccase mediators such as violetic acid and tetramethyl-1-piperidinyloxy (TEMPO) […]


Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 22.7.2021

Viscose Approximately 7 million tons / 7% (7%) of the world’s textile fiber production is viscose fibers made from wood cellulose. The proportion is expected to increase sharply due to the usability and environmental values of cellulose. The total production of fibers has been estimated to reach at least 150 million t / a by […]

Biotalouden maailmanlaajuinen foorumi webinaarissa Rukalla

Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 15.9.2020

Yhteinen julistus biotalouden toteuttamiseksi Maailman biotalousfoorumi (WCBEF) seuraa ilmastonmuutoksen torjunnassa tärkeää kestävän kehityksen toteutumista, jossa avainasemassa on kiertotalous ja siihen kytkeytyvä biotalous. Viime aikoina on tapahtunut konkreettista edistystä ja läpimurtoinnovaatioita erityisesti kemian- ja muoviteollisuudessa. Haasteellista on viestittää biotalouden välttämättömyydestä Etelä-Amerikassa, Indonesiassa, Australiassa ja Uudessa-Seelannissa paremman ymmärryksen saamiseksi yhteisen strategian suunnittelussa. Suuria globaaleja takaiskuja ovat olleet […]

EU-Commission published a draft for SUP Directive         

Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 13.7.2020

                           1.    Webinar meeting with stakeholders as the discussion and planning forum At the 4 hours webinar meeting for the discussion of implementing Directive (EU) 2019/904 (SUP Directive) was organized by Ramboll, DELOITTE, IEIC, PROGNOS, WOOD and IEEP on April 3rd, 2020. The […]

1st International Conference on Cellulose Fibers

Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 3.3.2020

OverviewThe few cancellations by the presenters did not prevent the first conference on cellulosic fibers in Cologne during the second week of February. Cellulose is one of the most widely occurring fibrous materials in organic nature, and although ingenious straight-chain polymer has been studied for nearly 200 years, new perspectives are constantly opening up. The […]


Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 25.2.2020

What are Plastics? At the meeting on disposable plastics, the definition of plastics and the role of regenerated cellulose fibres in the application of the Directive (EU) 2019/904 (SUP Directive) were discussed (13 December 2019). In the guidance of REACH and ECHA, the Commission authorities had positions that cellulose fibres, such as viscose, cupro and […]

Viscose and polyester focus on sharpening biobased processes and sustainable supply chains

Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 24.2.2020

Viscose The textile fiber industry is facing new challenges due to the population growth and the increasing demand in consumption and technical goods. The demand in textile fibers is predicted to raise by at least 77% by 2030. The share of natural and man-made cellulosic fibers (MMCF) is expected to be between 33 and 37% […]

Autex Celebrated 25th anniversary – approaching 20th Autex Conference

Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 24.2.2020

The global 19th AUTEX conference celebrated two textile anniversaries in Gent, Belgium. AUTEX, the Association of Universities for Textiles, has achieved 25 years of European and global cooperation. The event hosted by the textile group at Ghent University, which is celebrating 90 years of textile activities. AUTEX stands for the Association of Universities for Textiles being […]

European textile technology platform discussing on future directions of the industry

Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 14.7.2019

ANNUAL ETP CONFERENCE: circular-biobased-digital More than 180 members of the European Textile Technology Platform (TextileETP) and other stakeholders from 30 countries gathered on 24-25 April in Brussels to explore future technology, industry and policy directions for the European Textile and Clothing industry. The former president Paolo Canonico stated during the opening ceremonies, as follows: ”Most […]

Nobelists support sustainable chemistry at the Chembio2019

Posted by Pertti Nousiainen Date: 14.7.2019

NOBEL LAUREATES CELEBRATING 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FINNISH CHEMICAL SOCIETY CHEMBIO2019 Circular economy, Natural materials, Future food, Artifical intelligence and Climate change as main of great variety of themes To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Finnish Chemical Society the main speakers in two seminars were three winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Ada […]